Mahidol University is committed to supporting students in the age of transition from childhood to adulthood. We know the conflicts and confusion in their decisions, their personality, and their adaptation to new environments. Students need to adapt their life from home and family to living alone in dormitories. Sometime they need to adapt themselves for new friends from same sex or opposite sex. The anxiety they got while finding a job before graduation. Those things we mentions can be obstacle in their education. Therefore, the counseling service aim to offers help, provide assistance and guidance to reducing anxiety, increase self-awareness and understand their own problems to find the right answers for their life. We wish all students will have desired characteristics of graduates and become wisdom of the land through our services such as

  1. Walk in at Office of Division of Student Affairs, 3rd Floor, Mahidol Learning Center, Mahidol University, Salaya.
  2. Hotline at +66 8 8874 7385
  3. Facebook Fan page at “”
  4. Adolescent Clinic make an appointment at +66 2849 4502 (official working hours) or contact their faculty student affair office.