Determination, Vision and Mission

Determination : Facilitating, promoting and developing students to have desirable characteristics according to Mahidol University’s standards

Vision : Determined to be a world class division of student affairs

Mission : Achieving an excellent standard of student affairs work in the aspects of:

  1. Developing students to have desirable characteristics according to the university’s vision, which are to be responsible both to themselves and society
  2. Providing student services and welfare to enable them to learn and live in the campus happily
  3. Promoting relationships between current students, alumni and society to develop both the students and the university both at the national level and international level

Core Competency

Division of Student Affairs specializes in the process of student development through all of the student life cycle from beginning to end.  Our purpose is to create a desirable student identity as “Altruism”.  We also provide learning and living support for students to study and live happily on the campus, and we promote good relationships between the current students and the alumni.

Core Values :  M-A-H-I-D-O-L

M – Mastery

A – Altruism

H – Harmony

I – Integrity

D – Determination

O – Originality

L – Leadership