MU Home Must Know and Regulations.

To occupancy in MU Home student must prepare.
  1. 2 of one-inch self-photos.
  2. Bedsheet size 3½ x 3½ x 6 feet.
  3. Pillow with pillowcase.
  4. 2 Locks for wardrobe.
  5. Other personal items.

In addition, living together in MU Home must follow the regulations for your safety and unity among students as follows:

  1. MU Home opens at 5.00am and closes at 11.00pm.
  2. Please lock the door every time when you leave your room and do not forget your key.
  3. To prevent loss, do not put valuables items in your room such as cash, jewelry, expensive items, etc. There are sub-branches bank in the university to store your cash. If necessary, put your items in the locked cabinet.
  4. Some of electric equipment are prohibit from MU Home such as TV, refrigerator, air conditioner fan, electric pan, microwave, electric pot, etc. (MU Home has electric pot, refrigerator, TV and refrigerator service for 24 hours)
  5. Students can do their own laundry, use the laundry service or automatic laundry machine within MU Home.
  6. MU Home is the property of Mahidol University. Students should be take care of it. If you see anything wrong, please notify MU Home teacher immediately.
Dormitory regulations.
  • Do not accompany outsiders to MU Home without university permission.
  • Be responsible for property in the dormitory. If it damaged by your actions, you must paid at the rate prescribed by the university.
  • Maintain the dormitory property and keep your room tidy.
  • Do not keep your valuable items in your room. University do not have responsibility if damage or lost.
  • Students must behave like a gentleman and lady in terms of dress and manner.
  • Do not host the party without permission by the dormitory’s manager.
  • Do not make noise around the buildings.
  • No Cooking.
Schedule of entrance to MU Home.
  • MU Home opening and closing as the announcement from The Division of Student Affairs on 5.00 am – 11.00 pm
  • Students must have permission from MU Home manager or officers to go in and out between 11.00 pm – 5.00 am.
  • Outsiders are not allow in MU Home.