Disability Support Services

Mahidol University assign Disability Support Services Unit to help and support disability students to equivalent access university educational systems same as others. Reduce barriers and provide personal essential support services to help disability students achieve their educational goals. Also, create community that disability students can live along with other students well.

Type of services
  1. Facilitate for the exam such as extended time or read the exam paper, etc.
  2. Produce learning media such as braille documents, media images, and enlarged documents, etc.
  3. Facility Technology Services
    1. Personal Computer
    2. Screen reading program.
    3. Screen enlarging program.
    4. The 40 slots and 20 slots Braille Display with USB port for PC connected.
    5. The dB recorder in portable size.
    6. Pearl Camera that can change picture to text.
    7. Accessibility Mouse Hardware for PC.
    8. Universal Switch Mounting System that can help user easier access wheelchair functions.
    9. Electric wheelchair and normal wheelchair.
    10. Portable Ramp for wheelchair user.
    11. USB-switch-interface-plus for PC to help user easier access keyboard functions.
  4. Volunteer services
  5. Counseling services
Services Location

Disability Support Services Unit, Division of Student Affairs, Mahidol University
Location: Volunteer Center, 1st floor, Mahidol Learning Center, Mahidol university Salaya campus
Tel. 0-2849-4500 push 4214
e-mail : mahidol.dss@gmail.com
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/dssmahidol