Terms and Conditions of Certification

Student must attend all subjects in Workshop Class and Online Course. Then pass the Pre-test and Post-test with 80% score or more. There are three level of certificate include 1. Beginner 2. Intermediate and 3. Advance

Example: If student A want the Beginner Certificate. Student A must have these conditions

  1. Attended 2 Financial Literacy Workshop Classes such as 1) Sustainable Finance Starting Point 2) My Most Suitable Investment Plan Click here for more info
  2. Attended Financial Literacy Online Course 2 season such as 1) Financial Planner Love Recipe Season 1 2) Financial Planner Love Recipe Season 2   Click here for more info

Student A must do Pre-test before attend any class or course and do Post-test after attended.

For Online Course and Pre-test + Post-test website

Visit https://op.mahidol.ac.th/sa/onlinecourse (choose your level by click the banner)