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October 17, 2017
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October 22, 2017
Fraction Towers for Deaf Students
Researcher :
Soithong Yoksuriyan
Ratchasuda College, Mahidol University

The Basic Education Core Curriculum aligns topic “fraction” in the elementary level. The interviewing mathematics teachers (of Deaf students) from 5 schools found that even Deaf students able to study basic mathematics but they cannot comprehend fractions and fractional ordering especially fractions with different denominators. These come from the lack of basis on multiplication and division. Purpose: after using this innovation, Deaf students should understand about the meaning of fraction and how to write the fraction. Compare fractions containing the different denominators. Order fraction numbers and Determine equivalent fractions. This innovation was designed based on the nurture of Deaf learning as the following: Visualization techniques based on the theory of visual perception. Concept of changing the abstract numbers into concrete images. Present an overview to the details. This innovation was investigated the efficiency and quality by 30 experts. The result of this innovation is lightweight, portable, economical and practical. For the students, after they studied with this innovation, the understanding about the meaning of fraction, fraction magnitude and whole number division are increase. They can write fractions and solve problems in fractional comparison and fractional ordering in a little time. Additionally, this educational innovation can be applied to students with learning disabilities and autism spectrum disorder.
Utilization :
1.) Innovative instructional media on comparing fractions, ordering fractions and making equivalent fractions.
2.) The media can be used to review the lessons on those topics.
3.) Guidelines for the development of innovative instructional media in mathematics for Deaf students.

Award :
Winner of Innovation Contest in Ratchasuda Conference on Disability 2017 Innovation towards Accessibility for All.