What is Mahidol University Research EXpert (MUREX) Portal

            Mahidol University Research Experts Portal – the unified Research Information Management System, is pivotal in aggregating and sustaining all research-centric data. This serves as the authoritative and comprehensive source reflecting the university’s research dynamics.

            The portal functions as a central showcase for our research achievements and plays a crucial role in administrative reporting across the university. It offers public insight into the wide array of research outputs from the Mahidol academic community, detailing endeavors in activities, events, projects, recognitions, and media interactions. The system also tracks the extent of research influence and fosters research partnerships both within our community and globally.

               Furthermore, all data contained in the Mahidol University Research EXpert Portal is designed to be easily found and indexed by search engines.

MUREX System
The MUREX System at Mahidol University streamlines research information, highlighting staff publications&projects. It promotes connectivity across research outputs, offering insights into the university’s research landscape. Users can log in to update profiles&discover research achievements across the institution. Soon, the platform will also support direct proposal submissions.
MUREX Portal
MUREX Portal is a read-only web platform offering a public snapshot of Mahidol University’s research activities. Data showcased on MUREX Portal originates from and is modified within MUREX, allowing departments the ability to utilize this data for enhancing their own digital presence, including lists of publications and researcher profiles.