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Vegan Media Formula for Cordyceps militaris Cultivation and Medicinal Cordyceps Teas

Vegan Media Formula for Cordyceps militaris Cultivation and Medicinal Cordyceps Teas
Researcher :
Pattamawan Chimma
Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University
The trends in herbal use are currently increasing worldwide, including Thailand. As a mission of entrepreneurial university to reach Thailand 4.0; the innovation-driven economic model, Dr.Pattamawan Chimma has proposed new research area focused on the use of Cordyceps militaris (CM) as a medicinal mushroom to promote health of senior citizen and treat the age-related diseases. These bold ideas are based on the fact that, first, the safety and efficacy of cordyceps has been confirmed through the long use in Traditional Chinese Medicine since 1082. Secondly, cordyceps is gaining worldwide fame and recognition. It has high market value. Thirdly, there is little published data on the use of CM in human. This situation brings opportunity to publish new research data. Fourthly, it is possible to cultivate CM in laboratory or farm. By optimization on conditions, the amount and quality of active ingredients of cultivated CM are equal to those from the most expensive mushroom; O. sinensis. According to all these reasons, investing money, time and effort in this new research area is worthwhile. We are hopefully that the use of CM as supplement food or medicine will bring not only Thai people but also world population to livelong good health.

Value Preposition of Technology : C. militaris is a potential source of biological active ingredients for herbal drugs. Its applications as medicinal mushroom have been revealed from ancient times. We, first, developed the media formula to support growth of C. militaris without using worms, insects or animal proteins and we finally succeeded in getting vegan C. militaris products. The results from first study offered us opportunity to expand our knowledge in using C. militaris products as immune-supplement food or medicines. We are now focusing on the prevention and/or treatment of inflammatory diseases such as allergic rhinitis, and rheumatoid, and age-related diseases such as hyperlipidemia, diabetes, and hypertension. In current preliminary study, we evaluated the impact of cordyceps tea (SiAR) on patients with allergic rhinitis. The preliminary data show that, taking cordyceps tea (SiAR) after meal 3 times a day, reduced Interleukin (IL-4) levels but increased Interferon-gamma and IL-2 secreted by human peripheral blood mononuclear cells.

Customer Benefit : New therapeutic approaches with biologic agents of C. militaris related products are currently on trial for the treatment of allergic rhinitis, rheumatoid, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, hypertension and cataract. If we are able to earn enough man, technologies and financial supports, we are confident that, within 3-5 years, we will complete all clinical trials and finally produce several potential medicinal C. militaris products not only for Thai people but also for world population.

Intellectual Property : Petty Patent No. 1603000615