Research Management and Development Division is a central division to link and to coordinate between the university’s researchers and research funders, public organizations and private organizations both locally and internationally. It also provide counselling for the university staff about the process of applying for fund and also the processes of analyzing and assessing the research of the faculty and researchers that get funded by Mahidol University. Finally, the division is responsible for strengthening the research capacity of the university’s staff in various disciplines. It tasks according to its mission can be described as follows:
•   Increasing the efficiency of the university research fund management.
•   Increasing the potential and skill of university staffs to get more external research fund.
•   Analyze the university staff expertise and competitiveness in any research fields, then support and facilitate them to success their researches.
•   Creating and promoting the research culture among university staff and also encouraging them to do research.
•   Developing the university research and innovation’s supporting infrastructure with complete process from upstream to downstream to be societal and commercialized utilization.
•   Providing a guidance about fields of research that should be developed according the worldwide trends, the national policies and funders’ policies.
•   Collaborating with Faculty of Graduate Studies to provide and support research quality development in postgraduate education.
•   Stimulating research to be efficiently completed in the given timeframe.
•   Promoting the capacity of being the research leader in the field among the university staff and creating the research university atmosphere.
•   Promoting the collaborative networks of researchers in a particular field and multidiscipline including the collaboration between public and private funders.
•   Promoting collaboration between the university researchers and international researchers to increase competency at the international level.
•   Collaborating with the university research benefit and/or proprietary management unit.
•   Managing the university research databases.