Management Structure

Management Structure

Acting Vice President for Research and Scientific Affairs

Prof. Wachira Kochakarn, M.D. FACS.

Acting Vice President for Research and Scientific Affairs

Acting Assistant to the President for Research and Scientific Affairs

Prof. Narattaphol Charoenphandhu, Ph.D.

Acting Assistant to the President for Research and Scientific Affairs

Director of Research Management and Development Division

Ms. Maneerat Chompuk


0 2849 6240

Research Management and Development Division is divided into 5 units as follows:
•   Research Promotion Unit
•   Research Fund Management Unit
•   Research Information and Public Relation Management Unit
•   Central Instrument Facility Unit
•   Plant Genetic Conservation Project Under the Royal Initiative of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn (RSPG – Mahidol University) Supporting Unit

Research Promotion Unit

Head of Research Promotion Unit

Mrs. Sirawan Assawamakin

Head of Unit

0 2849 6243

Duties and Responsibilities
•   General administration (administrative works, document management works, financial works, procurement works).
•   Research and innovation database collection for identification of research ideas that corresponding to those needs from national and international granting agency, private sectors and social communities.
•   Coordinating collaborative research project with external organization.
•   Coordinating and supporting university staff for Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and research collaborative agreement between the internal institution and external organization.
•   Creating internal, external and international research network.
•   Mahidol University: Supporting Unit for International Research Funding (MU: SURF).
•   Coordinating and managing the collaborative research and/or granted research project from private organization.
•   Coordinating with the university Center of Excellence and managing research fund from Center of Excellence.
•   Organizing training program to boost capacity and competitiveness of researchers (proposal writing, publication writing for international journal, etc.).
•   Coordinating with Center of Ethical Reinforcement for Human Research and Office of Research Integrity and Compliance.
•   Developing and managing the Unit of Ethical Reinforcement for Animal Care and Use.
•   Coordinating with Center for Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Management (applying for affirmation for research programs on biological, radiation, chemistry, occupational and environmental safety).

Research Fund Management Unit

Head of Research Fund Management Unit

Ms. Vorapan Chinchalongporn

Head of Unit

0 2849 6157

Duties and Responsibilities
•   Providing university’s research budget plan.
•   Coordinating and managing research budget from government (allocate research budget, monitoring and reporting research performance).
•   Approving and allocating university research fund/internal funds.
•   Monitoring and evaluating research performance of internal funded project.
•   Finding research fund from external national organization.
•   Coordinating and supporting research project funded from external national organization (managing research agreement and fund), and other special/initiative programs.

Research Information and Public Relation Management Unit

Head of Research Information and Public Relation Management Unit

Ms. Narisra Komalawardhana

Head of Unit

0 2849 6241

Duties and Responsibilities
•   Developing the university research database.
•   Developing and managing the research division website to disseminate research information and knowledge.
•   Searching for the university’s published and cited research publication from international databases to track the university’s research performance continuously.
•   Distributing and promoting research in public media and organizing activity to publicize the university research (convention, exhibition, etc.).
•   Coordinating with Mahidol University Library and Knowledge Center to encourage the data and knowledge linkage.
•   Coordinating and supporting international/national research award application for university’s staffs.
•   Providing data for quality assurance report and research annual report.
•   Managing special programs relating to international databases (SciVal, etc.) to support the university executive to further the excellency in research of the university.

Central Instrument Facility Unit

Head of Central Instrument Facility Unit

Mr. Nawapol Udpuay

Head of Unit

0 2441 9522

Duties and Responsibilities
•   Procuring equipment and material adequately and appropriately.
•   Seeking new technologies for Mahidol University research community and encourage research progress for the community.
•   Efficiently setting system and regulations for instrument facilities services and practices.
•   Provide counselling and guidance for university staffs, students and outsider (both public and private).
•   Provide counselling and analysis service of research sample with appropriate instrument.
•   Providing training program related to instrument instruction for both internal and external staffs to increase more precise and reliable research result and to faster and more effective research analysis.
•   Maintaining and repairing the university instrument facility to be effectively and smoothly run.
•   Charging service fee for the university income.
•   Promoting instrument facility services and organizing training programs to increase more users/customers.
•   Taking care of both internal and external visitors as requested.
•   Being a secretary for the management committee for establishing Salaya Central Instrument Facility Center, organizing the committee’s meeting and providing report for the university executive.

Plant Genetic Conservation Project Under the Royal Initiative of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn (RSPG - Mahidol University) Supporting Unit

Head of RSPG – Mahidol University Supporting Unit

Ms. Supranee Limpuangkaew

Head of Unit

0 2849 6242

Duties and Responsibilities
•   Coordinating to draft a master plan of Mahidol University to conform to the master plan of RSPG every 5 years.
•   Coordinating with researcher among RSPG network, Mahidol University’s Faculties and Mahidol University’s campuses to propose and participate in research projects under 3 frameworks and 8 activities.
•   Organizing meetings for RSPG’s working committee and working team.
•   Coordinating management budget application related to RSPG activities and research projects.
•   Providing the budget for every RSPG activity from the university income budget.
•   Coordinating and supporting the university staffs for facility and research field/area permission from other government organization and requesting permission to publish their research.
•   Providing and disseminating knowledge on RSPG-Mahidol University website.
•   Monitoring and reporting researches and other RSPG activities to RSPG and to Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn.
•   Organizing training programs related to RSPG-Mahidol University and organizing the academic exhibition related to RSPG every 2 years.
•   Providing printed and other materials to distribute the knowledge by proposing projects to RSPG which will in turn ask Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn for permission.