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October 31, 2017
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Polyester containing Herbal Extract Dressing: SI-HERB

Polyester containing Herbal Extract Dressing: SI-HERB
Researcher :
Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University

Background :
Wound is one of the important problems for Thai public health care system; due to it consume a lot of budget and resources like traumatic wounds, diabetic wounds, vasculopathic wound. Especially in burn wound from flame, scald or electrical injury that most of the burn victim will suffer from the large area of burn wound which need experienced medical personnel to achieve the standard of care in limited hospital resources. Principle of wound treatment is optimizing healing environment and preventing the conditions that frustrate healing process such as infection condition etc. Dressing material is one of the effective options in wound treatment. Aim of dressing material development is improving quality of life of wound patients. Most of available dressing materials in Thai market were produced and imported. That makes high cost and limit access for patients from financial problem that were the general population of low income country as Thailand. Another issue is most of dressing patches that used currently were difficult to peel off producing pain and discomfort in dressing change step for patients. Researchers hope that effective, easy to peel off and low cost dressing material that compose of local material as Thai herb and produced by Thais will help to solve Thai financial problem and also help to improve quality of life of Thai wound patients.

Method :
The research was done since the basic level (dressing material analysis, dressing coating material components and formula, and special dressing coating technique), product qualities control (Substance release analysis and stability analysis and safety control test in experimented rats and rabbits). After the product safety was confirmed the continuing steps were done in pig model and finally in clinical trial level in burn patient; Burn unit Siriraj Hospital and Burapa University Hospital. All researches were conducted under standard of care of international standard Siriraj Ethical Review Board; SIRB. The clinical trial show excellent results in faster healing with pain improving. This study was published in international journal that had good impact factor.

Activity :
This innovation won the 1st prize of invention from National Research Council of Thailand 2017, silver medal in 45th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva and Special prize from Korea Invention Promotion Association.
This innovation registered patent under department of intellectual property, Thailand and was collaborate with Thai company, Bangkok Botanica to be official reproduce and distribute in industrial level. Currently this product is in the process of registration for Thai Innovation, registration from medical device under Thai FDA and constructing productive plant site in Thailand.

Expected result :
The construction of the productive plant site for this product in Thailand is successful. Thai FDA approved this product as medical device. The most important thing is Thai people have more effective choice (faster healing with less painful experience) of wound care in accessible price that lead to the improvement of quality of life of Thai people.