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October 24, 2017
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Smart Pillow – Sheet and Technologies for Sleep Monitoring

Smart Pillow - Sheet and Technologies for Sleep Monitoring
Researcher :
Faculty of Science, Mahidol University

Backgrounds :
Sleep is an essential part of life that we spend around one third of our lives on bed. It embraces fantastic recovery and repairs of the human body. Sleep is a state that is characterized by apparent changes in many physiological parameters such as brain wave activity, breathing rate, heart rate, body temperature and other physiological function. Thus, quality of sleep is an important factor in the physiologic recovery of the mentality and body during sleep as a good sleep quality can prevent many diseases. Numerous research works have been done to monitor these signals from sleepers, especially the elderly and disabled people who are bedridden and need for continual health care. Consequently, monitoring of the physiological signals during sleep can be used to estimate the quality of health useful for diagnosis of sleep and respiratory diseases.

Projects :
The aim of this work was to evaluate the quality of breathing and sleep efficiency by using the frequency of body movement during the night that were classified using a newly developed classification algorithm based on thorax movement. The pillow-sheet system that allows our head and neck to arrange in a proper alignment is very important for a restful sleep. These data can be evaluated by doctors to provide suggestion to patients. Therefore, it is believed that physical and psychical conditions under sleeping can be estimated by physical activity measurements. Our system offers rich functionalities such as real-time monitoring of body movements and visualization of recorded data and analysis of sleep disorder breathing and quality of sleep.

Expected Results :
Smart pillow-sheet can be used to help solve sleep problems that have an economic and social impact. The user has a better quality of life from better quality of sleep. Save the cost of solving sleep problems. Increase performances to do job. Reduce the use of medical services, the number of patients and public expenditures from the treatment of diseases caused by insufficient resting. So this technology, user can be used to monitor their health easily. In addition to, smart pillow-sheet can also be used to create other health care products, such as dietary supplements that help to improve sleep. When you eat it. You can prove the properties immediately. Sleeping better or not, etc., it is considered to promote the new business as well.