Siriraj Portable Digital Cervicoscopy
October 24, 2019
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October 24, 2019

Instruments for Carpal Tunnel Release

Siriraj Portable Digital Cervicoscopy
Researcher :
Witchate Pichaisak
Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University

Median carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition caused by narrowing of the carpal tunnel, causing the nerves to be squeezed. The Symptom leads to numbness of the fingertips including the thumb, index finger, middle finger, and part of finger. In chronic cases, muscle weakness might occur andcause trouble in working. The treatment can be done conservatively without surgery, for example, taking medicine, physiotherapy and steroid injection. Nonetheless surgery, will apply to the patients with ineffective result after conservative treatment. The main purpose of the surgery is to cut and enlarge the narrow wrist strap. The surgery is divided into two methods. The first method is an open surgery by cutting a wound about 3-4 cm. in the palm and then cut the wrist tunnel to separate from each other disadvantage of this type of surgery is large wounds. The second surgery is endoscopic carpal tunnel release, bout 1-2 cm in wound size, which is a good way to treat a small wound but the treatment is complicated. As the second type of surgery is not giving better results compared to traditional open wound surgery, it may have higher risk in harming median nerve. The method also requires high-tech and expensive tools and recently not popular.

Value Preposition of Technology/Services/Process : The researchers have invented a special wrist tuning device in the blade section (Figure 1 – 2) to make the wrist tuning more convenient. By slashing the wound like the traditional way but result in not cutting a long wound or stretching too much it is also easier and faster to cut the wrist cuff, resulting in smaller surgical wounds. It is less time- consuming surgery and less inflammation of the surgical wound than the first method there are also ideas to design the equipment which is more with easy to use with a disposable blade head. Due to the original tool which currently using, the blade will begin to blunt after used for roughly 20 patients.

Potential Application : Tunnel-type surgical instruments contain special features in the blade section. The equipment can cut the wrist cuff easier and the surgical wound is smaller. Less tissue injury. Shorter surgical time and surgical wound healing than conventional method. (Figure 3).

Customer Benefit : Patients with carpal tunnel syndrome are operated with modern innovation instrument. Injury and inflammation of the wound decrease compared to conservative surgery. Use less medicines and antibiotics. Reduce recourse used for treatment. And with today’s technology “laser processing manufacturing” tend to generate for commercial production.

Intellectual Property : Petty Patent No. 1003000755