Performance Appraisal

The university applies uniform guidelines and procedures for performance evaluation to all categories of personnel. There are two types of assessment.
1. Probationary Assessment
(1) For the academic track, the probationary period is no more than 1 year, starting from the date of appointment.
(2) For the support track, the probationary period is no more than 6 months, starting from the date of appointment.
If a staff member possesses relevant experience for the position, the unit may exempt him/her from probation.
Probationary assessment must be completed prior to the end of the term of probation. If probation is extended, the period of extension together with the primary probation period must not exceed one year.
2. Performance Assessment
The university has established a fair and transparent system for performance assessment in order to foster a collaborative work atmosphere and increase understanding between supervisors and subordinates.
PA Process
A key component of the university’s performance assessment system is the Performance Agreement(PA), which specifies performance expectations for the staff member. The PA is agreed upon between the staff member and unit before signing of the contract and becomes an integral part of the contract. The content of the agreement should be aligned with strategies objectives of the university and should encourage excellence in staff performance.
Assessment is conducted biannually with the result used to improve staff performance, for career development, and for consideration for salary increase, annual reward, allowance, incentives, and other human resource issues.
Assessment Criteria
(1) Performance as agreed in the PA
(2) Competency consisting of Core Competency, Functional Competency (where relevant) as well as Managerial Competency for those in management positions.
Evaluator A committee with at least three members
Evaluation Result Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, Needs Improvement

Forms and Documents

Functional Competency
CFC 01   :
Being Mahidol Academic Staff Download Form
Asst. Instructor/ Instructor (0-2 years) Download Form
Instructor (>2-5 years) Download Form
Instructor (>5 years) Download Form
Asst. Prof. Download Form
Assoc. Prof. Download Form
Prof. Download Form
SFC 01   :
Teaching Skill Download Form
SFC 02   :
Research Skill Download Form
SFC 03   :
Counselling Skill Download Form
SFC 04   :
 Continuous learning Download Form

Note :
• CFC :Common Functional Competency
• SFC :Specific Functional Competency
• Functional competency for academic track (excluding Senior Researcher) is CFC01: Being Mahidol Academic Staff but you can add 1-2 of SFC01-04 to appraisal. Depending on an agreement with supervisory