1. Entitlement
    • Develop and explore new entitlements corresponding with both staff’s demand and University policy
  2. Home Loan
    • Mahidol partners with Government Savings Bank and GH Bank Home Loans to offer mortgage programs with terms that are exclusive to Mahidol University staff.
  3. Secretary to various committees
    • MU Sport Fair Committee
    • MU Entitlement Committee
    • MU Provident Fund Committee
    • OP Loans Committee
    • Annual Bonus Committee
    • Motorcycle Loan Committee
    • OP Entitlement Sub-committee
  4. Employment Certification
  5. Benefits
    • Medical Claim for University Staff and Unit Staff (OP)
    • Social Security Fund application (OP only)
    • Social Security helpdesk
    • Help select HR outstanding personnel
  6. Leave
    • Academic Leave (Overseas)
    • Leave for meeting or seminar or a guest speaker in Thailand (Dean and above)
    • All types of leaves for OP as well as senior management (Dean and above)
    • Leave without pay
    • Academic service authorisation (outside university campuses)