1. HR Development
    • Develop action plan for HR development corresponding with University Policy
    • Implement Training Road Map
    • Evaluate and follow up Training Road Map
    • Work with other divisions in Office of President to advance HR development
  2. Performance Assessment
    • Provide counselling on performance agreement to Units and set proper KPI, corresponding with merit raise and HR development
    • Follow up performance agreement and identify rooms for improvement
    • Report senior management performance to the President
    • Gather information on competencies required by each Unit and utilise concept of competencies
    • Give counselling on competencies and its implementation
    • Summarise competencies evaluation result
  3. Corporate culture promotion
    • Cultivate and promote Mahidol Core Values
  4. Mahidol scholarship and scholarship for development of new instructor
    • Exercise public relations on the scholarships
    • Host the scholarship committee meeting
    • Disburse, follow up progress of those who receive the scholarship