In May 2008 at Bhuttamonthon District, Mrs. Praneet Keawvichit, Bhuttamonthon District Agriculture Officer, presented the Self-Sufficient Health Unit Project , which is a collaborative project between Salaya Herbal Converter Housewives Community Enterprise Group and Bhuttamonthon District, and Mahidol University . This project aims to optimize land development inside the campus, and it will use the four acres of land beside the Faculty of Medical Technology to grow chemical-free produce. The goals are as follows:

  • Produce quality, fresh, clean, and safe vegetables for consumption and distribution.

  • Create employment for the community.

  • Utilize the land inside the campus for a beneficial purpose as well as preserve the soil, water, and environment.

This project started in June 2008. The farmers are responsible for land preparation, dig canal, construct dirt dam, improve the soil quality, and many others. The university provides the support by constructing the water sprinkle system.

The farmers started the project since June 2008 by planting the seeds of the first vegetable batch at the end of August 2008. They are planting various rotating crops, homegrown vegetables, and orchard. The first produce was collected since Oct 2008.