Sustainable Development Office is a department responsible for supervision, control, monitoring and evaluation, and providing consultation on sustainable environmental development in accordance with the strategy that cover all campuses of the university. In order to be effective in changing to sustainable development according to the strategic plan by considering the well-being of the personnel and students, including the environmental impact both inside and outside the university. In order to increase resource efficiency, promote low carbon technology and innovation, and community engagement.

– Provide advice and suggestions on sustainable environmental development

– Informative indicators of Eco university

Head of Sustainable Development Office

Miss Sasivimon Pungpermtrakul

02-441-4400 ต่อ 1245

Email :

Miss Malulee Leamlaem

Tel : 1122
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Miss Sansanee Sirilak

Tel : 1123
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Miss Sutanad Suypongpan

General Administration Officer
Tel : 1121
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Miss Rungtiwa Buadee

Tel : 1120
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