Mahidol University has determined to develop Salaya Campus into a “green campus” providing favorable environment for learning along with creating social awareness and responsibility within every MU members as well as communities around the campus. Physical environment of the campus—including campus landscape, traffic circulation system and infrastructural service—has been prominently developed. Nonetheless, the university realizes that the improvement should not be limited to the physical aspect, but should sustainably improve the lifestyle of MU students and staff as well. Therefore, some policies related to campus environmental development were revised.

  • Improving pathways on the campus to be more suitable for walking, cycling and public transport. Also, outdoor spaces are provided to support various kinds of activities and gatherings.

  • Using traffic and roadside signs with eye-catching designs to make them easier to remember and support physical activity.

  • Building pedestrian walkways through green spaces and natural preserved areas.

  • Providing facilities such as exercise equipment and open spaces for aerobic exercise to promote physical activity.