It is the primary advocacy agency in driving policy towards driving the university to excellence.

  1. Coordinating to create plans and policies for university development
  2. Analyzing and providing university budget request, and tracking university budget management
  3. Supporting and researching institutional research for university development. Distributing and providing institutional researches and information of the university

Determined to provide high quality and constantly improving support in the field of budgeting and policy making

Unit & Responsibilities
Strategy and Institutional Research Unit
  1. Analyzing, interpreting and synthesizing available information in order to produce and revise strategic plan
  2. Disseminating information in regards to the strategic plan and keeping up-to-date with the progress of achievements
  3. Analyzing, segmenting and formatting of organization structure
  4. Collecting strategic database
  5. Collecting internal and external data relating to the University’s performance against its strategic objectives and key performance indicators
  6. Providing data, information and analysis for decision support
Budgeting Analysis and Monitoring Unit
  1. Proposed budget policy guidance for the preparation of the Budget Request
  2. Collecting data requirement of the Budget Request
  3. Analyzing and screening for the request of budget and budget incomes
  4. Proposed to fix the budget to Bureau of the Budget and
  5. Preparing data for defense budget to government committee
  6. Analyze criteria for the budget allocation
  7. Produce spending plan and budget
  8. Monitoring and evaluation of budget spending and projects assigned
  9. Proceeding budget transfer process