Planning and Developing Section

  1. Implementing the committee’s policies on Risk Management and Business Continuity Management
  2. Analyzing risks at the unit level and providing suggestions on the university risk level to create a risk management plan
  3. Providing understanding about risk and continuity management policy and guidelines by communicating and coordinating with the units and also providing the university’s risk and continuity management handbook
  4. Developing the IT system for risk management and assessment
  5. Implementing policy from the Audit Committee
  6. Performing other tasks as assigned

Tracking and Evaluating Section

  1. Tracking the implementation of the risk and continuity management plan of every unit
  2. Assessing overall efficiency of risk and continuity management plans of the university
  3. Reviewing unit performance
  4. Performing other tasks as assigned

Management and Administrative Section

  1. Performing document management work such as sending, receiving and archiving documents
  2. Preparing for meetings including relevant documents
  3. Performing budget disbursement and borrowing tasks
  4. Performing equipment disbursement and controlling tasks
  5. Coordinating recruitment, applications and staff selection for the center
  6. Coordinating annual staff performance assessments
  7. Coordinating meeting room and vehicle requests
  8. Performing other tasks as assigned

Notes: Reviewing university internal control assessment reports is a joint responsibility between divisions