Mahidol University Quality Development Program

Quality Assurance Policy

  1. Commit to developing quality pursuant to the University's standards for achieving its vision and goal; lead Thai society along the path to sustainable development; and participate in the promotion of community health.
  2. Improve the quality standard of the operations of centers/faculties/institutes, which constantly stimulate quality development, by regularly measuring their standard with those of internal, external, equivalent or appropriate institutes, in order to strive for excellence.
  3. Promote and support centers/faculties/institutes in the improvement of their routine administration system for research and innovation initiatives.
    Promote and support efficient knowledge management and the establishment of a practitioner community or network within and outside the University, in order to enrich the body of knowledge and strive for excellence and innovation initiatives.
  4. Enhance the information and communication technology facilities to generate a broad, user-friendly, and innovative system for information exchange and learning within the University, which will also enable users to be globally connected and aware.
  5. Promote and support centers/faculties/institutes in their management and maintenance, and regularly evaluate the external quality assurance pursuant to the University's and international standard.