Mahidol University Faculty Information System

According to Office of the Higher Education Commission, The office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment (Public Organization) and Office of the Public Sector Development Commission requires the university to prepare a report evaluating the quality of education. Report of the discharging. With the need to report a measure of the report. In order to comply with the National Education Act BE.2542 and decree On Rules and Procedures for Good Governance Act 2003, which operates from the past showed that the storage of the Faculty / Institute. Most do not have database support. The accuracy and the difficulty of having to prepare agencies to clarify information. Coupled with such third of visits to survey the agencies under the quality system. University fiscal year 2005 on November 2005 - April 2006 received feedback that the Faculty / Institute. Most lack the database. And information technology to support the implementation of the tasks. Especially in the preparation of reports to clarify the external agencies and support the self-assessment report under a quality system (MUQD) of the University.

So to be efficient. Flexibility and data analysis that can be analyzed for improvement in various university mission has been hired as a consultant Meajo University (Thailand) and design and install a program that has been developed. This is a program that Information Systems (Faculty Information System - FIS) "It is a program that is the basis of the level of data collection. And processed at the university, which benefits both the level of a storage system with the same standard. Later, when the university began the release of MUFIS on-month in March 2008

MUFIS systems are information systems that meet the needs of various Faculty / Institute to display data for display operation in accordance with the University's strategic plan include plans / projects and include the mission of the University.

  1. Education course information, such as thesis published, academic articles and student awards.
  2. The research project, published and creative innovation.
  3. Academic Services intellectual property such as patent.
  4. The human resource management, such as the position of academic qualifications. Across disciplines.
  5. Others, such as arts and cultural activities. Information and booking meeting rooms etc.