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In a society of knowledge. Any organization with better knowledge would be able to survive in the highly competitive environment. Especially among universities. In addition to its responsibility to provide higher through both public and private local universities, The government has also promoted a policy to encourage overseas universities to set up their campus in Thailand, Coupled with its policy to raise the standard of the bureaucratic system and the implementation of performance-based budgeting. Institutions are therefore trying to increase their competitiveness and strengthening their leadership in the organization. The one element in the enhancement of these is quality development. In conjunction with the former Ministry of University policy to install a system and mechanism of quality assurance in all the universities In order to maintain education quality and standards. Section 47 and Section 48 of the National Education Act 1999 has also placed a priority on quality assurance and required all agencies to create a quality assurance system.

Mahidol university, as one of the institutions have realized the importance of this matter and intended to promptly implement the development program by having an agency directly responsible for coordinating the above tasks. This was also in line with the resolution of the Working Group on Quality Assurance during the meting of academic administration committee that agreed to establish an organization to deal with this issue. The university therefore announced on November 18, 2002 that as per the approval of the University Council, No. 345 on October 16, 2002 it has been decided to establish the "Bureau of Quality" under the Office of the President.

Later and as the consequences of the University Autonomous Act 2007 doted October 10, 2007 The university has issued a re-organization announcement doted June 29, 2009 in which Quality Division is one of the divisions in the Office of the President. Another university announcement dated June 25, 2009 or the transferring of units within the Office of the President has ordered the transfer of "Bureau of Quality" into Quality Development Division under the Office of the President.

Mahidol University Core Values and Organization Culture

  • Mastery
  • A possession or display of great skill or technique, Skill or knowledge that makes one master of a subject , The upper hand in a contest or competition

  • Altruism

    Selflessness, Unselfish concern for other people's happiness and welfare

  • Harmony
  • Is the way in which its parts are combined into a pleasant arrangement, An interweaving of different accounts into a single narrative, Harmony in diversity

  • Integrity
  • Honest and firm in moral principles (incorruptability), The state of being united whole (completeness), An unimpaired condition (soundness)

  • Determination
  • The power or habbit of deciding definitely and firmly

  • Originality
  • Novelty, Innovation

  • Leadership
  • The quality of being a good at leading a organization ,The set of characteristics that make a good leader