Investment Management Unit

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Managing university financial assets / investment portfolios according to the regulation, method and framework designated by the investment committee

  • Managing university financial assets / investment portfolios by creating funds under  the regulations of the investment committee

  • Analyzing economic, financial and financial market situations, analyzing operating performance from stocks and bonds of each company, providing strategy for financial assets / investment portfolios to be proposed to the investment committee

  • Tracking external fund manager’s performance

Real Estate Management Unit

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Studying possibility of the university’s real estate management project.

  • Overlooking and managing real estate as assigned by the president, which include collecting benefit and revenue from rent and other real estate commercial initiatives.

  • Providing progress report and real estate management reports for the Real Estate Management Committee.

  • Studying sources of funding and financial choices that provide the most benefit to the university and providing financial and break-even analysis of the project.

  • Regulating construction and overseeing the budget with respect to the plan

  • Coordinating with government units relating to real estate development.

Business Development Unit

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Studying feasibility of university investment or Joint Ventures as assigned by the president.

  • Tracking the performance of the companies that the university invest in, or establishes joint ventures with, for their efficacy in management and the standards of their financial reports

  • Providing progress and performance report on the Joint Venture companies for the Investment Committee.

  • Managing “the Harmony by MU”, the university’s shop