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October 25, 2017
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October 25, 2017

Trade along the Multicultural ASEAN Plus Highway: Thailand – Myanmar – India

Trade along the Multicultural ASEAN Plus Highway: Thailand – Myanmar – India
Researchers :
Sophana Srichampa, Renu Muenjanchoey, Iam Thongdee, Theeraphong Boonrugsa, Sittiporn Netniyom, Aphirat Kamwang
Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia, Mahidol University

Trilateral Highway connects Moreh of Manipur state in the northeast of India, eastern gateway of India to ASEAN which is next to Tamu border, Sagaign Division, Myanmar and passes to Mae Sot border, Mae Sot District, Tak province, Thailand and other ASEAN countries. It is a transnational route which encounters peoples of diverse cultures, religions and beliefs, customs, traditions, etc. Some are similar and some are different. It traverses a region rich in resources which are not used fruitfully. There are many unseen religious places and nature spots which are beautiful and important. It will provide opportunities for Thai businesses, investors and entrepreneurs as well as other institutions both public and private to collaborate with the local people to develop local human resources, businesses and commercial enterprises sustainably. We look forward to progressing together harmoniously proudly and with dignity.

Research is being undertaken, but the results so far have found that: (1) both the government and people in the research area: Thailand. Myanmar and India, are seeking mutual development based on friendly co-operation by way of ‘know him – know us’ understanding which will lead to harmonious co-existence as foreseen in the Act East and Look West Policies; and (2) to cross-border agreements anchoring policies linking the ASEAN Community and ASEAN+6, are not fully finalized and the Trilateral Highway in Myanmar and India has yet to be completed.

In addition, there is a need for cooperation between people and vested interests such as the various groups who want to collaborate with those of similar occupation in other countries to form professional consortiums in ASEAN +6. Other issues include ethnic relations, where it is found that ethnic people along this road have shared a common history, languages and culture since ancient times. Therefore, bonds are well established to secure strong positive links between the different groups. The countries participating in the project should pay attention to developing the many common aspects to make future collaborations connected this Trilateral Highway beneficial for all.

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