At present, the amount of waste products from gardening of various organizations inside Salaya campus is increasing rapidly. Therefore, the Division of Physical and Environment studied the production of bio-fertilizer in order to increase the decomposition rate. The aim is to obtain bio-fertilizer without flipping over the contents to increase aeration as well as increase the efficiency, reduce cost, and apply appropriate technology. The study of bio-fertilizer, thus, was a way for the farmers to produce bio-fertilizer in approximately one month.

Conventional practice requires occasional flipping the contents over to increase aeration and decompose by aerobic microbes. Bio-fertilizer can be obtained from 2-6 months. The landscape and environmental group then set up a bio-fertilizer project. The goal was to decompose the leaves and branches. The bio-fertilizer can be used inside the Salaya campus, while the excess can be distributed. The benefit of the bio-fertilizer can be used in orchard, plantation, household use, grass field, and etc. The biofertilizer is available at the Environmental Conservation Building. For more information, please contact 0-2849-6000 ext 1210-1211 in the official hours.