Course List

  • Introduction to Thailand and Thai Culture
  • Characteristics of Thai People
  • Everyday Thai Language Skills
  • Body– Mind Wellness: Preparing for the Unpredictable
  • Introduction to Thai Food
  • Thai Cooking Techniques
  • Thai Herbs and Traditional Medical Wisdoms
  • Thai Society Through Entertainment Media
  • Thai Dance and National Costume

Employability Skills Sessions

  • Systematic Thinking
  • Self-Awareness and Self Esteem
  • Intrapersonal Communication

Exclusive Sessions

Exclusive Cultural Exchange with MU students

  • Thai Cooking Class
  • Thai Dancing
  • Meditation Workshop

Teaching methodologies

Recorded chapters

Recorded chapters are the lessons which are recorded before live classes. Recorded online chapters will be posted on 1st August 2020. Please feel free to watch any time before the live classes.

Live classes

All students will meet each other and Please see the detail on the next page.

Group Studies

We are randomly forming groups of 4-5 students mixed with various universities. We recommend you to discuss with your group after classes to exchange opinions and ideas and we request all students to learn Thai language in groups before participating live class in the afternoon of Wednesday 05/08/20

***Note: Certification will be given to the participants who participate the sessions over 80% of this program.

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