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Osaka University Week

MUSAIS​ presents “Osaka University Week” from 1st – 4​th December. Come explore what it’s like being a student of Osaka University. From intensive courses and educative programs provided by the university to cultural learning and fun activities in the city of Osaka that one cannot miss out!


Osaka University Week: Ep.1​ International student’s life at Osaka University
Ever wonder what international students do in Osaka? They travel, eat, and have fun!
Osaka is well-known as a popular destination for many travelers visiting Japan. It is also one of the best places for traditional dishes like okonomiyaki and takoyaki. Beside Japanese food, a number of restaurants, offering different styles of cuisine, and cafés are located nearby the Osaka University campus. Shopping malls, supermarkets, and places to hang out are within the campus area as well.

Not only enjoying the city of Osaka, but imagine how lovely it would be to also engage deeply in the traditional Japanese culture!

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Osaka University Week: Ep.2​ Study Abroad at Osaka University
Let’s explore how much Osaka University has to offer!
Osaka University is a leader in frontier research, with 11​ undergraduate schools, 16 graduate schools, and strong networks with several research institutes, hospitals, and educational organizations in North America, Europe, and Asia including Mahidol University. In collaboration with outside companies, Osaka University has established joint research laboratories on campus for students to gain first-hand experience. Housing facilities and consultation centers are provided as well to support well-being.
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Osaka University Week: Ep.3​ Live and Experience Sharing by Thai Student

Tissawat Asavanant, a Thai student studying at Osaka University, shared deep insights of his life in Osaka; in particular, how​ he learned
the Japanese language and adapted to the culture.
As he mentioned, several interesting programs were provided by the university. For example, students were given opportunities to visit museums in Osaka, to experience the life of Japanese people through interaction with host families, and to create friendships with other students as well as to support one another by being part of student associations.
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Osaka University Week: Ep.4 Center for International Education and Exchange
Challenging, prestigious, beautiful!
Let’s​ hear what international students have to say about Osaka University!
Osaka University’s CIEE supports international students with education and helpful advices and integrates everyone into the Japanese community.
For the students, there are international student networks, such as B.S.P and OUISA, that have become centers to get together, meet new friends from around the world, and learn more about one another. Not only serving as places for meeting, the networks also provide inter-cultural exchange activities for both local and international students to engage in. The scope of such activities includes language, food, and lifestyle.
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