Dr.Vachararutai (Jan) Boontinand

Acting Director IHRP and Acting Program Director Ph.D in Human Rights and Peace Studies (International Program)

(66) 2-441-0813 to 5 ext. 2145

E-mail: vachararutai.boo@mahidol.ac.th

Education :
Ph.D . (International Program in Human Rights and Peace Studies), Mahidol University, Thailand

Research and Expertise :
Democratic Citizenship Education; Critical theory and pedagogy; Gender and women’s rights; Rights-based approach to development;
Labour migration and trafficking

Assoc. Prof. Gothom Arya


(66) 2-441-0813 to 5 ext. 2143

E-mail: gothompb@gmail.com

Education :
PhD in Engineering, University of Paris, France, 1969
Research and Expertise:
Peacebuilding, participatory democracy

Dr.Sriprapha Petcharamesree

(66) 2-441-0813 to 5 ext. 2128

E-mail: sripraphapet@gmail.com

Education :
PhD in Political Science-Southeast Asian Studies, University of Paris X-Nanterre, France, 1992
Research and Expertise:
Migration including statelessness and citizenship, ASEAN/Southeast Asia studies (politics, economy, and society), business and human rights, ASEAN human rights regime, human rights and international relations, and other human rights related issues

Dr. Michael George Hayes

Acting Program Director MA in Human Rights and Democratisation (International Program)

(66) 2-441-0813 to 5 ext. 2129

E-mail: michael.ger@mahidol.ac.th

การศึกษา :
PhD in Communications and Cultural Studies, Wollongong University, Australia, 1997

Assoc. Prof. Coeli Barry


(66) 2-441-0813 to 5 ext. 2021

E-mail: coeli.bar@mahidol.ac.th

Education :
PhD in Comparative Government, Cornell University, USA, 1996
Research and Expertise:
Culture and rights, politics, history, theory of rights

Ngamsuk Rattanasatian

(66) 2-441-0813 to 5 ext. 2142

E-mail: ngamsuk@gmail.com

Master of Arts in Human Rights, Mahidol University, Thailand, 2004
Research and Expertise:
History of Thai nation, history of the ordinary people, conflict transformation by peaceful means, nonviolence and capitalism, structural and cultural violence, rituals of indigenous people in everyday life, pluralism, ethnic conflict, ethnics in Burma, especially Karen and social movement

Dr.Duanghathai Buranajaroenkij

(66) 2-441-0813 to 5 ext. 2134

E-mail: duanghathai.bur@mahidol.edu

Education :
Ph.D. in Gender and Development Studies, Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), 2016
MA in Conflict Analysis and Management, Royal Roads University, Canada, 2010
Research and Expertise:
conflict transformation, gender in peacebuilding and development, group process and dialogue

Dr. Yanuar Sumarlan


(66) 2-441-0813 to 5 ext. 2127

E-mail: yanuar.sum@mahidol.ac.th

PhD in Social Science, Chiang Mai University, 2007
Research and Expertise:
Military/conflict history, ethnic group resistance, Southeast Asia historiography and politics, Asian law and economy, statistics, and civil society

Dr. Bencharat sae chua

Acting Program Director MA in Human Rights and Peace Studies

(66) 2-441-0813 to 5 ext. 2131

E-mail: benonn@gmail.com

Education :
PhD in Politics, La Trobe University, Australia, 2015
Research Interest:
Social movements; Citizenship

Dr. Suphatmet Yunyasit

(66) 2-441-0813 to 5 ext. 2135

E-mail: suphatmet.yun@gmail.com

การศึกษา :
PhD in Anthropology and Sociology, The National University of Malaysia (UKM), 2012

Assoc.Dr.Naparat Kranrattanasuit

Acting Program Director MA in Human Rights (International Program)

(66) 2-441-0813 to 5 ext. 2141

E-mail: knaparata@gmail.com

Education :
Doctor of Juridical Science (SJD), American University Washington College of Law, 2013
Research Interest:
Anti-Human Trafficking Law in ASEAN; International Human Rights Law

Dr. Claus K. Meyer

(66) 2-441-0813 to 5 ext. 2133,

E-mail: claus.mey@mahidol.ac.th

Education :
PhD in History and Civilization, European University Institute, Florence (Italy), 2010.
Research area:
Historical slave studies, human trafficking, and modern-day slavery.
Further interests:
Research methodology; human rights education.

Dr. Padtheera Narkurairattana

(66) 2-441-0813 to 5 ext. 2140

E-mail: n.padtheera@gmail.com

PhD in Integrated Science, Thammasat University, Thailand, 2013
Research and Expertise:
Violence and conflict issues related to ethnicity, religion and politics, inter-ethno-religious relations, social cohesion, Catholic micro-minority in southernmost of Thailand, Catholicism, multiculturalism, resource and environment and human security

Dr. Mark Peter Capaldi


(66) 2-441-0813 to 5 ext. 2132

E-mail: mpcapaldi1502@gmail.com

Education :
PhD in Human Rights and Peace Studies, Mahidol University, 2014
Research and Expertise:
Child Rights; Sexual Exploitation; Migration; Human Trafficking.

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